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Retired Horses

Officer Tommy Handwerk & Rascal

Rascal is an Oldenburg, a warm blood and is 17 hands.

Oldenburg's are the 3rd most popular horse in the Olympics for Jumping.

They are rare in the US, but popular in Europe in the Dressage Community.

Rascal was retired from service and returned to the kind individuals who had donated him for use by the SPPD Mounted Unit.

Officer Mat Jones & Chase

Chase is a Belgium Gelding. He is 18 hands.

Chase is a Belgian Draft horse who had served the department since 2008. Belgian horses are the largest breed of horses in the world. Chase was the largest horse the department had ever owned, weighing in at an amazing twenty one hundred pounds.

Chase retired December, 2017.

Chase was adopted by Officer Mat Jones and resides in Stillwater, MN and shares a pasture with King. 


King weighs 2000lbs and is 17 hands.

King was one of our favorite horses. He is a Belgian and weighs 2000lbs and was one of our biggest horses, at 17 hands. He was the alpha of the herd and had been with the Mounted Patrol since 2004. His favorite treat is carrot cake muffins.

King retired in 2017. Officer Jones adopted him. He lives in Stillwater, MN

Jett & Officer Jennifer Mink

Jett turned 20 years old in 2017. He is a black Appendix Quarter horse, weighs 1175lbs, 16 Hands.

He began his police career with the Houston, TX Mounted Unit December, 2000. He came to St. Paul in 2004, because he preferred the cooler climate. Jett was an exceptional police horse. He loved working the street and his favorite treats are apples and donuts.

Jett was adopted by Officer Jennifer Mink, and resides in Scandia where he hangs with 4 goats, eats lots of hay, and relaxes all day.