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Evolution of Policing in the United States
Katie Kress, an undergraduate attending Georgetown University majoring in criminal justice was assigned to prepare a study for one of her classes and chose to prepare one about the evolution of policing in the United States.  We encourage you to read it.

Friends of The Mounted Patrol
The Friends of the Mounted Patrol (FMP) is a group of private citizens who work on a volunteer basis to support the New Castle County, DE (NCC) Police Mounted Patrol Unit (MPU). facebook

Saint Paul Police Department
To promote safe and healthy neighborhoods through strong, professional partnerships with those we serve in our diverse community.

St. Paul Police K-9 Foundation
The St. Paul Police K-9 Foundation is a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. It's mission is to provide financial support for the St. Paul Police Canine Unit.

Minnesota Horse Expo
Minnesota's Largest Equine Trade Show and Breed Exhibition

U of M Equine Center
The Equine Center represents our dedication to an expanded and comprehensive equine program, including undergraduate equine education, continued devotion to educating the next generation of equine veterinarians, a focus on equine research that will change the lives of horses worldwide, all while providing cutting edge, compassionate care for horses. Your horse will benefit from some of the best in equine care, research, and veterinary education found anywhere in the world.

Minnesota Horse Council
The Minnesota Horse Council works to support our state's horse industry through education, funding, communication and promotion of horse-related activities.

Minneapolis Mounted Police Foundation
The Minneapolis Mounted Police Foundation was founded to provide ongoing financial support to the Mounted Patrol Unit of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Minnesota Sheriff's Mounted Posse Association
The MSMPA was incorporated in 1967. MSMPA is a non-profit organization comprised of County Sheriff's Mounted Posse Units throughout the state. These Units include volunteers or reserves who have been authorized to assist the County Sheriff in whatever duties deemed appropriate.

Carver County Mounted Posse
Established in 1965, the Carver County Sheriff's Mounted Posse is a volunteer organization that assists the Sheriff's Office with security and crowd control, search and rescue operations, community relations and outreach activities, as well as special missions as assigned.
The Posse consists of approximately 30 volunteers who provide service to the Carver County community.

Dodge County Mounted Posse
The Dodge County Sheriff’s Posse is a volunteer organization that has been assisting the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department for over 30 years. The Sheriff’s Posse consists of both active members and honorary members. The Sheriff’s Posse is primarily funded through working uniformed patrol at various events and donations. Posse members are recognized as uniformed volunteers who work under the direct supervision of the Sheriff or one of his representatives.

Goodhue County Mounted Posse
The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Posse was organized in 1967 as a volunteer organization who’s primary purpose is to maintain peace, order and law in our communities; to be public spirited; to promote good fellowship; to cooperate with peace officers and with similar county organizations; and to promote the love of good horses. The organization sustains around 20 to 30 active members and ride and train their own horses at many county functions.

Hennepin County Mounted Special Deputies
The Mounted Patrol Unit is a volunteer group of special deputies and their horses. They provide community event assistance for the Sheriff's Office. The unit may also be called upon to provide search and rescue and crowd control. (Volunteers at the Sheriff's Office earn the title of "special deputy" after they complete training and they are sworn-in by the Sheriff.)

McLeod County Sheriff's Posse
The Sheriff's Posse is a non-profit volunteer organization within the McLeod County Sheriff's Office consisting of a maximum of forty members. The Sheriff's Posse intends to promote good fellowship and community service through volunteer and paid functions. Duties include maintaining peace, law and order with McLeod County and responding for service to assist the McLeod County Sheriff's Office.

Steele County Mounted Posse
The Steele County Sheriff's Mounted Posse and Auxiliary was organized to assist the County Sheriff and the communities they serve
by providing additional patrol and mobility in areas of limited access. They represent the Steele County Sheriff’s Department in many of Minnesota’s parades and local celebrations and are called upon to carry out the duties of Special Deputies.

Waseca County Mounted Posse
The Waseca County Mounted Posse assists the County with searches, rescues, traffic direction, provides security at various festivals in Waseca County, provides security at crime scenes, and also at other incidents. The Posse also serves at community activities where assistance is needed. The Posse members are not licensed peace officers nor are they armed.

Washington County Mounted Patrol
The Washington County Mounted Patrol was founded in 1994. Mounted Patrol members are concerned citizens who volunteer their time to assist the Sheriff's Office in search and rescue. Members may also participate in parades, safety fairs, Night to Unite, county park events and patrolling the Gateway Trail system. 

Winona County Mounted Posse
The Winona County Sheriffs Mounted Posse organized in 2001 under the direction of Sheriff Dave Brand, is comprised of a group of volunteer individuals who assist the Winona County Sheriffs Department in searching for missing or lost persons in Winona County utilizing horses. Training includes first aide and search and rescue techniques. Volunteers are on call 24 hours a day.

Wright County Mounted Posse
The Mounted Patrol is a volunteer civilian group serving Wright County. Their objective is to assist the Sheriff's Office to help maintain peace, law, and order in Wright County. Presently, there are 15 members of the Mounted Patrol. New members are not currently being solicited.