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The original non-profit "Friends of the St. Paul Mounted Police" foundation was formed in 1995 as concerned citizens rallied to support a mounted patrol for the St. Paul Police Department. In addition to start-up costs, the foundation assisted with capital improvements to the program. Due to budgetary concerns in 2003, the Mounted Unit was temporarily disbanded. Though re-established the following year, the unit continues to operate with a very basic budget under the citywide services branch of the police department.

Now, more than ever, budgets are being scrutinized as economic conditions warrant that local governments look seriously at resources, services, and finances. Mounted units in other areas of the country (e.g. Boston PD) have been dissolved. That's why concerned citizens, horse enthusiasts, and supporters of the St. Paul Police Mounted Unit stepped up yet again to let our government leaders know that this is a service that is invaluable to the citizens of St. Paul and the greater Minnesota community.

After nearly two decades of providing support  for the Mounted Unit, the Friends of the Saint Paul Mounted Police underwent a loss of participation by its volunteers.  Recognizing the benefits of having a supporting organization, the senior command of the St. Paul Police Department requested the foundation supporting the department’s K-9 Unit to take on support of the Mounted Unit.  As such, the supporting foundation for the Mounted Unit is a division of the St. Paul Police K-9 Foundation which operates under the name “St. Paul Mounted Foundation” with its own Board of Directors and Officers, all of whom volunteer their time without any compensation.